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Founded in 2000, WildChina Education is an award-winning, sustainability focused, company that curates experiential learning experiences for the world’s leading institutions including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Dulwich, Nord Anglia, Wellington, Harrow and many more. Our commitment to safety, sustainability, and creative high-quality programs have made us Asia’s oldest and most established leader in experiential learning & educational travel.


Whether it is for IB CAS, longitudinal service learning, STEM studies, the International Award, or subject-focused curricula, our team of in-house academic managers works with each school and organization to design and execute programs that enrich and connect classroom learning to real-world situations.


Creating Life-Changing Experiences

Outside of the Classroom 

We believe so many high-impact, lasting, and valuable lessons for life can be learned

outside of the classroom. We are proud to work with hundreds

of the world’s leading educators who feel the same. ​

Meet The Team

WildChina Education is the curator of experiential learning experiences for the world’s leading institutions including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Dulwich, Nord Anglia, Wellington, Harrow and many more. Our commitment to safety, sustainability, and creative high-quality programs has made us one of Asia’s oldest and most established leaders in experiential learning.

Mei Zhang | US 


20 years in Education

Albert Ng | HK 


20 years in Education

Haena Kim | SH


7 years in Education

Liu Yang | BJ

Program Associate

1 years in Education

Lorraine | GZ

Program Consultant

5 years in Education

Our team of in-house program and academic managers works with each school and organization
to design programs that provide a refreshing break from the day to day and connects classroom learning to real-world situations.


Abraham Hu | BJ  

Program Manager 

4 years in Education

Susan Li  | US

Program Manager

5 years in Education

Yunya Wang | SH

Senior Program Manager 

6 years in Education

Why Choose Our Programs


We challenge ourselves to think differently, to execute the impossible. We believe educational experiences can be found in wilderness survival excursions, team building days, walking tours, economic shark tanks, service learning projects, International Award treks, livestreamed lectures - everywhere! We think carefully and brainstorm often about how to scaffold learning takeaways into each experience. 


At WildChina, we are committed to ensuring that all our programs meet the latest health and safety standards, and these are available to your administration and
parents upon request. To do this, we adhere to the British School Travel Forum’s strict code of practice and safety standards to vet accommodations, transport, activities and food service providers used on your trip.


Our staff are trained to help educate and share sustainability practices with your students.

We focus primarily on SDG 1 (no poverty), 2 (Zero Hunger), 4 (quality education), 5 (gender
equality), 6 (clean water and sanitation), 14 (life below water), and 15 (life on land).

WildChina Education is proud to be a member of the The International Ecotourism Society and the Global Sustainability Forum. 

Educational Thought

WildChina Education is staffed by humans who are passionate about the power of education. Our instructors range from former university lecturers to wilderness survival experts. 

Through creative thinking, and access to an impressive network of business leaders and field experts, WildChina Education’s programs provide unparalleled learning experiences whether the program is a desert survival week or a virtual STEM panel discussion.  


Daniel Casey | HK 

Academic Manager

5 years in Education

Christine Xu  | BJ

Head of Operations 

2 years in Education

Simon Caldwell | UK  

Global Operations Development 

10 years in Education

Wendy Kung | SH

Program Manager 

4 years in Education

Jonathan Lan  | SH 

Business Development 

1 year in Education

Elena Fang | BJ

Program Manager

4 years in Education

How We Work

We help you to create the ultimate learning experiences for students


> Step 1: Program Discovery Phase

Browse through out programs. Give us a call, e-mail or visit our office to further enquire about WildChina Education's programs.

> Virtual Programs 

> Offline Programs 


> Step 3: Determining the Logistics

Our programs can be tailored for cost efficiency - we'll work with you to ensure that you get the best learning program for whatever budgets you're working with. 


> Step 5: Feedback

Let us know your feedback and which adjustments you would like to have impremented 


> Step 2: Asking the Content Questions

We’ll ask you a series of questions, including class sizes, overall learning objectives, schedules, budgets etc... and then take it from there


> Step 4: Expert Advice

Based on your requirements, we will send you our programs proposal. These  contain information regarding the schedule, course content, locations, how we plan to execute your learning objectives, and other logistical details. We offer our expert advice, and are happy to tailor programs to your needs.


> Step 6: Receive Booking Contract and Booking Details

We send you  all the details you’ll need and the official paperwork to sign


> Step 7: Promoting your Program

Get your students and stakeholders excited! Use our videos, blogs, photos, presentations, on your platforms - or better still invite us to your campus to introduce and answer any questions about the programs. 


> Step 8: Program Countdown

Let the countdown begin… Enjoy the program!


Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in our services. 

Contact us for a consultation and start planning a life-changing experience today.

Beijing: 803 Oriental Place, 9 East Dongfang Road, Chaoyang

Shanghai: 3-160 Xinghui Center, 328 Tiantong Road, Hongkou

USA: 160 Southampton Ave. Berkeley, CA 94707

9:00am - 6:00pm (Monday-Friday)
China +86 10 6465 6602
USA +1 888 902 8808 (Toll Free)

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