Wilderness Survival

When was the last time you learned a new skill offline?

Students these days have access to modern technology and an answer to a question is only one Google or Baidu search away. But this can mean kids are constantly on their phones and detached from the real world.

At WildChina Education, it is our core belief that students learn more outside of the classroom through real, hands-on experiences. That is why we created a Wilderness Survival Camp earlier this year and we are proudly running it again this winter.


This program teaches students skills that will last them a lifetime through experiences they will never forget, while helping them to develop a lifelong relationship with the outdoors.


Our Wilderness Survival program will teach students everything from hiking to bushcraft and even nature exploration. While they hike, students will journey through a nature trail and learn how to cook their own food.























They’ll increase their bushcraft knowledge through shelter and sled building in addition to exploring the caves and flora in their environment.

This program incorporates some of our best outdoor learning activities led by our wilderness survival experts.


Program Highlights
Target Age Range:  9 - 14
Location:  Shanghai (Tianmu Mountain)
              Dates:  Dec 27-31 2020 and Jan 25-29 2021
Price:  7400 RMB
Trip Details
Interested in learning more?

For more information about our winter camp, please search and connect with our WeChat account at wildchina-education or scan the QR code below. We look forward to seeing you this winter!

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