Winter Olympics Program

As winter is approaching this year, anyone who pays attention to the winter camps will notice that the advertisements for Chongli skiing, one of the venues for 2022 Winter Olympics, are everywhere and a bit overwhelming to be honest.


However, the philosophy of WildChina Education has always been about bringing more meaningful and life-changing experiences to children, so we are going the extra mile and make it about more than just skiing.


We have consequently designed our program to give students ample opportunity for personal growth while exploring the slopes of Chongli.


In line with our Winter Olympics theme, students will make Olympic rings and take ski classes with a professional instructor. They will also learn basic survival skills such as building an ice shelter, making knots, and identifying winter disasters. Finally, they will embark on a Night Exploration where they will learn Morse code and build a lightning city in the snow.














For students who want more than a normal ski holiday, this program is a great chance to make new friends while learning about the outdoors through engaging, hands on activities.

Program Highlights
Target Age Range:  12 - 15
Dates:  Dec 26-31 2020, Jan 26-31 2021 and Jan 31 - Feb 5 2021
Trip Details
Location:  Genting Resort Secret Garden, Zhangjiakou
                       (pick-up from Chongli High Speed Rail Station)
Price:  9100 RMB
Interested in learning more?

For more information about our winter camp, please search and connect with our WeChat account at wildchina-education or scan the QR code below. We look forward to seeing you this winter!

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