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With over 50 exceptional livestreamed lessons, our virtual sessions have received rave reviews from organizers and students alike. 


beijing: Live from the Hutongs

Built in the 13th century and unique to the capital, the Hutongs are ancient neighborhoods where the capital’s distinct culture was generated and where it continues to thrive today. See how the look and layout of hutong courtyards were once determined by social status, watch current residents going about their daily life, and discuss the future of this neighborhood and the work being done to preserve it with our experts. 


Virtual Experiences

Cultural Deep Dives & the Chinese Economy

Our custom designed Digital Deep Dives take you to the boardrooms, kitchens, and hutongs to show a unique side of China and allow classrooms to interact with China via our experts & one of a kind experiences. We take the often unseen side of China and show students what its really like in the oldest civilization in the world. Students walk away with a better understanding of Chinese history & culture. Our lessons can be customized for any size class or presentation- and we've worked with leading Universities to ensure that our programming can fit any academic need or niche.

Our courses are typically 1-2 hours and can span a wide array of settings and insights. We've run courses that outline Social Media in China and highlight the differences between American social media & Chinese tech giants. We've taken students into the Hutongs of Beijing and shown them a different side of the Capital. We've painted traditional ink painting with students and introduced them to Calligraphy, Mandarin, and Mongolian Throat Singing. We tap into our experts and experience throughout China to deliver culture, business, or historical courses to fit any curriculum. Reach out to our academic managers to see where our experiences can fit your needs


Pre-Packaged Options

Consider our pre-designed course packs to get you Inspired


- Language 

  • Introduction to Mandarin

- Culture 

  • Calligraphy 

  • Brush Ink Painting 

  • Chinese Ceramics Workshop

- Virtual Guided Tours 

  • Stories from the Summer Palace 

  • Modern Art in China 

  • Behind the Scenes at the Hutongs 






- Traditional Brush Ink Painting

- Mongolian Throat Singing 

- Art of Tibetan Buddhism







- The Social Media World of China


- How Covid Changed China's Internet 

- Tech Entrepreneurship in China 



- Philosophy 

  • Chinese Mythology​

  • Daoism 

  • Tai Chi

- Culture 

  • Calligraphy​

  • Traditional Brush Ink Painting 

  • Peking Opera 

- Business &Economics 

  • Tech Entrepreneurship in China ​

  • The Social Media World of China

  • How Covid Changed China's Internet 


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